Rainloop vs Roundcube

RainLoop is ranked 1st while Roundcube is ranked 2nd. The most important reason people chose RainLoop is: Except for contacts (which are optional), RainLoop does not require a database to run, allowing for easier management and configuration RainLoop: Roundcube: Repository: 3,381 Stars: 3,695 160 Watchers: 229 676 Forks: 1,346 122 days Release Cycle: 74 days 12 months ago: Latest Version: 4 months ago: 13 days ago Last Commit: 5 days ago More: L3: Code Quality: L3: PHP Language: PHP GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. Contrary to what @VirtuBox said, the present RoundCube UI is pretty clean; Rainloop is maybe a fraction cleaner (old standard sized sliders replaced by vanishing thin but hard to click but current fad sliders). Admittedly, older Roundcube versions were clunky with 3D look and such Compare Roundcube and RainLoop's popularity and activity. Categories: Communication systems, Email, and Webmail clients. Roundcube is more popular than RainLoop RainLoop Webmail: Roundcube: Repository: 3,388 Stars: 3,706 160 Watchers: 229 676 Forks: 1,352 122 days Release Cycle: 74 days 12 months ago: Latest Version: 4 months ago: 6 days ago Last Commit: 4 days ago More: L3: Code Quality: L3: PHP Language: PHP GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

Roundcube: RainLoop Webmail: Repository: 3,733 Stars: 3,407 231 Watchers: 160 1,358 Forks: 677 74 days Release Cycle: 122 days 5 months ago: Latest Version: about 1 year ago: 5 days ago Last Commit: 28 days ago More: L3: Code Quality: L3: PHP Language: PHP GNU General Public License v3.0 only. De RoundCube à RainLoop. 11 mars 2015 - Auto-hébergement. Pour la consultation de mes mails, j'utilisais Roundcube via un paquet fourni par Synology que j'installais sur mon NAS afin de consulter mes mails via un navigateur. Cela va faire 2 ans que j'utilise Roundcube quotidiennement, je m'étais habitué à sa lenteur, n'ayant pas la fibre je blâmais ma connexion. L'envie de.

Roundcube vs RainLoop detailed comparison as of 2021 - Slan

  1. When installing ISPConfig, let the use choose between using Roundcube and Rainloop. Rainloop is a Gmail like interface which is imo modern and faster than Roundcube
  2. Roundcube. 124 Recommendations. Mailpile. 47 Recommendations. Squirrelmail. 16 Recommendations. Zimbra Web Client. 12 Recommendations. See all See less. Here's the Deal. Slant is powered by a community that helps you make informed decisions. Tell us what you're passionate about to get your personalized feed and help others. Let's go! RainLoop Review. Get it here. 199 52 . Review of.
  3. installing roundcube and rainloop with getmail. we have qnap 459+ nas device with embedded linux on it you need to check this system via temviewer to see if you can do it first what we like to do is to have GETMAIL latest version installed and make it work so that we can use the getmail ALL MAIL feature which would download all folders auto getmail have the be the latest version not the.
  4. RainLoop, messagerie web open source et stylée. Publié le 14 octobre 2013. 19 novembre 2013. par Idleman. J'avais déjà bafouillé récemment sur le projet roundcube: une messagerie accessible depuis le web et installable sur votre propre serveur/hébergement. Dans la même veine je suis tombé récemment sur RainLoop qui se défend également sacrément.
  5. I've made an initial commit for replacing Roundcube with Rainloop. Roundcube to me felt a bit dated as far as the UI and I didn't want to go through tracking down themes. Rainloop has carddav/sieve (beta) support built in. The only challenges in deployment are that some folders/files are not created until the index.php or php..../index.php during install which is still to be sorted out
  6. ping me to installation of roundcube or rainloop mail client. $30 USD in 1 day (22 Reviews) 3.4. alfacoderr. Regards, Hi, I have studied the materials you supplied and know I have a better understanding what needs to be done to accomplish your goals. I have already completed a lot of similar projects in the past. I would More. $31 USD in 3 days (0 Reviews) 0.0. Post a project like this. Other.
  7. The best Rainloop alternatives are Roundcube, Mailpile and SOGo. Our crowd-sourced lists contains more than 10 apps similar to Rainloop for the Web, Self-Hosted solutions, Linux, PHP and more

RainLoop vs Roundcube LibHun

  1. or some other web hosting control panel, then your default webmail client may be Roundcube, Horde or SquirrelMail instead of RainLoop. Also, your server may not come with any webmail client at all. And in these cases, you will first need to install RainLoop and then follow the instructions
  2. Hi everyone, i have installed a hMailserver and running perfect, i use for a while a Roundcube Webmail and this is the firts time that i use Rainloop and looks nice, but last week I happening a strange problem, and decided to re-start the installation from 0, at all, to see if configuration problem database or some, well start with describing everything and because d
  3. As a user of both rainloop and roundcube, I have to say that even though rainloop looks a LOT better, it struggles in speed and is slooooow with e-mails with 100+ threads. Loading usually takes about 7 seconds in a good server for a 1k+ email! I would personally not replace roundcube. At max, create a version with rainloop
  4. Horde vs Roundcube cPanels WebMail Application Which should you choose to use? Updated: September 2, 2020 By: RSH Web Editorial Staff + General Blogs. How to Spot a Fake Email Fake Review Websites Stopping Spam What are Cookies Alternatives to Google Maps FTC Consumer Information Best Bitcoin Trading Software Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Cooking Tips Tricks and Hacks Portable Apps for Windows.
  5. RainLoop is a free and open-source webmail application written in PHP. As an alternative to other popular webmail applications like RoundCube and SquirrelMail, RainLoop is a complete webmail solution - it is a simple and modern, yet very powerful and flexible at the same time. RainLoop webmail has a built-in caching mechanism, which improves.

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  1. Installing the RainLoop Email Client on Ajenti V. Install RainLoop Webmail (A Web Based Email Client) using 'Nginx and Apache' in Arch Linux. RainLoop Webmail - A Modern Fast Web Based Email Client for Linux. Installation And Configuration Of RainLoop Webmail Client With Nginx On Ubuntu 14.04. Webmail server tutoria
  2. There are many alternatives to Rainloop as a self-hosted solution if you are looking to replace it. The most popular Self-Hosted alternative is Roundcube, which is both free and Open Source.If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked 12 alternatives to Rainloop and seven of them are available as a self-hosted solution so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement
  3. Roundcube and Rainloop (despite their both beginning with the letter R) aren't really in the same comparison class. Rainloop distinguishes between a community and a standard edition -- only the community edition is free software. In contrast, Roundcube is free software, widely deployed, and much more robust in the case of multiple users. Thanked by 1 dedipromo Linux will run happily with.
  4. RainLoop Webmail - Simple, modern & fast web-based email client

Roundcube vs RainLoop LibHun

RainLoop is a simple, modern and fast web-based email client. RainLoop source code is hosted on GitHub.This guide will show you how to install RainLoop on a fresh CentOS 7 Vultr instance. Requirements. Ngin Rainloop, c'est mon client webmail préféré. Parce qu'il est libre, parce qu'il est joli et parce qu'il fonctionne très bien. Voyons donc comment l'installer et le configurer I switched to Roundcube and Rainloop. Both are stable and working well. You can easily use them in parallel. And I do this because each of them has advantages concerning the usability. Also, roundcube started crowdfunding to reprogram every part using modern frameworks. This will put it more to responsiveness. These two programs are also perfectly integrated into my server control management.

RainLoop Webmail vs Roundcube LibHun

  1. ent feature is the pervasive use of Ajax technology. Discover Roundcube alternatives, reviews, features and functionalities
  2. panel in Nextcloud and after it i wanted to to Rainloop. Rainloop ist asking me for an email address, but all what i fill in here is not allowed. (Login with that credentials to Roundcube on the same server does work well). I can't find anything in /var/log/mail.log while trying to log in to Rainloop. For me that might.
  3. RainLoop propose aux développeurs Web un webmail PHP opensource orienté réseau sociaux. S'inspirant largement du design et des fonctionnalités de Gmail et d'Oulook.com..

Roundcube vs RainLoop Webmail LibHun

RainLoop Review - Slan

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